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"Making a difference by refusing to be ordinary."

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The Diamond Bar Woman’s Club is a non-profit, non-sectarian and multi-cultural 501c3 service club organized in 1963. Club members have proudly served the community for more than 55 years. The Diamond Bar Woman’s Club was honored by the California Federation of Women’s Clubs with the statewide award for leadership.

The Diamond Bar Woman’s Club is the best organization in town – join us in making a difference!  We use the concepts contained in the books Good to Great and the Social Sectors by Jim Collins as a guide for the continual improvement of our organization.  Our philanthropic work focuses around the intersection of our passions, our talents, and our resources.

 Our passion is centered on providing help and support in the areas of:

  • Scholarships for our Local High School Students

  • Domestic Violence

  • United States Armed Forces – Active and Veteran


We are the best at helping our members feel dedicated and motivated to work as a team to meet our objectives.


Volunteering in our community has established the brand of the Diamond Bar Woman’s Club and brings with it recognition, donations, and success to drive our resource engine.


Our Annual

Casino Night: Make a Difference

Join us to make a difference to send a Child to College. To buy tickets please click button below to find out more about this special night of giving. 



Get to Know Us

The Diamond Bar Woman’s Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), the California Federation of Women’s (CFWC) and the San Gabriel Valley District of Women’s Clubs (SGVD). They were founded in 1890, GFWC’s roots can be traced back to 1868 when journalist, Jane Cunningham Croly, was not allowed to attend a professional event due to her gender. In response, she formed a woman’s club and invited women’s clubs throughout the United States to pursue the cause of federation by attending a convention in New York City. On April 24, 1890, 63 clubs were officially formed the General Federation of Women’s Clubs by ratifying the GFWC constitution.

Since 1890, GFWC’s impact has been felt throughout communities across the Unites States and the globe. Today, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) is an International Women’s Organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.  With nearly 80,000 members and affiliated clubs in every state and a dozen countries, GFWC members support a broad range of causes and charitable projects in their communities.  

The California Federation of Women’s Clubs (CFWC) is a part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and is a statewide non-profit service organization with 10,000 members. These clubs offer leadership and personal growth opportunities to members while enriching the lives of others through philanthropic service. Our motto “Strength United is Stronger” reminds us that more can be accomplished when we unite our efforts to serve others.

The San Gabriel Valley District of Women’s Clubs (SGVD) is a member of the GFWC and the CFWC and consisting of 28 Federated Clubs and 3 Affiliate Groups with a combined membership of about 1,400.  The San Gabriel Valley District is located in AREA B of the California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC), and actively collaborates with the CFWC and the GFWC to promote activities and programs.

When you join the Diamond Bar Woman’s Club you become a member of all 3 larger clubs and are a part of an International Organization that brings the strength of 80,000 members who are dedicated to supporting and improving our communities.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Click to learn more and apply for scholarships opportunities.

Our Officers


Diana Limon


Diana Zhao.jpg

Diana Zhao

Third Vice President


Claudia Maidenberg

Corresponding Secretary

Ellen Horowitz.jpg

Ellen Horowitz

First Vice President


Marriyan Thepoet

Recording Secretary 


Patsy Wilson


Raphael Plunkett_edited.jpg

Raphael Plunkett

Second Vice President


Abbey Howell


Our Major Project Committee Chairs.

Education and Libraries
Civic Engagement and Outreach

Academic Scholarships    

                   Ellen Horwitz                      Pam Robinson

Claudia Maidenberg

Rose Clark /  Ansari Scholarship

Abbey Howell    

                   Club Newsletter                  

                  Lei Phillips                     



Lei Phillips


Diana Limon / Pam Robinson

Veterans/Armed Forces  

Patsy Wilson

Active Military    

Patsy Wilson

Fundraising and Development

               Casino Night Gala                  

Patsy Wilson/Abbey Howell


Rosette Clippinger/Patsy Wilson

Domestic Violence Awarness and Prevention

Abbey Howell\ Rachel Kirk  \Sharron Tanzer

Spotlight Members

These beautiful women are members that show great promise for us at Diamond Bar Woman's Club.  


College Scholarships


Adopting families for the holidays


Sponsoring families at the House of Ruth 

Sponsoring DVAC programs

Achievement Awards for:


  • Leadership /CFWC award 2024


  • Communications and Public Relations


  • Fundraising


  • Membership


  • Health and Wellness


  • Arts and Culture

Flower in Sunlight

Connect with us to make a difference in our community.

Club meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday

September thru June

                    from 8:30am to 12:oopm                  

Attendees RSVP and pay for breakfast.


Vita Italian Restaurant

3101 West Temple Avenue

Pomona, CA 91768


Contact Membership Chair

Diana Limon— President




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P.O. Box 4035 Diamond Bar, Ca. 91765

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